The City Where Sirens Never Sleep: Detroit

russel at hart plaza

A little while back, Quinn over at Anthropophagous picked up a lengthy, but incredible article about Detroit.  Chronicling the bits of humanity left in the city it covers everything from the shattered records of Motown, and persevering hometown journos, to the firemen cum superheroes and bizarre phenomena such as “the flight of the dead.”  This article articulates so many of the reasons why I find the rust belt inspiring.  Despite the hardships and tragedies of these weather and time worn cities, there’s still a spark left.  Detroit’s motto says it all — these people just won’t give up.

“Detroit has always been a city of fire. Nearly all of it was destroyed by fire in 1805, more of it burned in the Detroit Race Riot of 1863, and over 2,000 buildings were consumed in the Twelfth Street Riot of 1967. Even its flag contains fire; its Latin motto translates, “We hope for better things; it shall rise from the ashes.”

The City Where Sirens Never Sleep

[picture via Paul Thomas]

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