Post of Brobdingnagian Celebration: Two-Ohhh-One

The publishing of this marks Spicybiscotti’s 201st post.  BOOM! BOOM! PEW! PEW! The virtual parades and fireworks have apparently already begun commencing.  But, seriously, for anyone who has been reading along, thanks for sticking around, and for those who are just joining, I reckon Spicy’ll be around for a while to come.  It’s been an interesting two or so years.  Who knows where things will go from here…

Recently the vestiges of Team Spicy gathered forces at the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex in Muskegon, Michigan to fulfill a longtime dream: to go luging.  All three of us sat down and wiggled our way down America’s only non-refrigerated track (and one of only three US tracks) in what turned out to be an absolute, albeit initially anxiety ridden, blast (think: creaky rollercoaster that you can barely control and looks like it will kill you but is actually not too terribly unsafe, or in short, a really fast sled — whatever suits you best).  Agent Drew whipped up his first video ever (above) in celebration of this historic event.  All in all it was definitely one of the most fun filled days I’ve ever had.

Motor City Industrial Park

*If we rebuilt war-torn Europe … Why not Detroit?

“The common attitude about metro Detroit is that this is a morbid, decaying Rust Belt city. That’s the impression one would take from the opposition in Washington and across the country to the idea of government loans for Detroit automakers. But Soji Adelaja, director of Michigan State University’s Land Policy Institute, sees the Detroit glass as half full.

“Detroit has extensive assets,” Adelaja says. “It has a long history of deep culture and a historic music heritage. It has one of the largest expanses of vacant land of any city. If we are interested in green urban infrastructure, Detroit has greater potential than many other places. There’s potential for more local food systems related to urban agriculture. We should lead the country. It has the lowest property values so it is an affordable city. There are Great Lakes access points; the waterfront is beautiful. Detroit has the potential to be globally relevant. It has great potential to catch the imagination and interest of global investors and private equity players. There are major health care facilities, universities and a major international airport within a short distance. There is a history of innovation in the region. Just because we’re not manufacturing cars doesn’t mean we can’t manufacture wind turbine components. That will be big. We’re part of a regional economy. The metro area has the strongest concentration of knowledge workers in the state. The ability to attract knowledge workers could be a center point of regional development.” [image via Anthropophagous]


*Game consoles “cause skin sores”

Really? People are just realizing that you might get blisters from gaming? I can’t even begin to name the number of other repetitive activities that cause sores (crew, marathon running, guitar, etc.).  I’m calling shenanigans.  [image via The Age]

Street With a View

*Street With a View

Robin Hewlett and Ben Kinsley brought Pittsburgh Residents together to create a number of tableaux for Google Street View.  Pretty amazing.

Itay Ohaly - Beech

“Fracture” by Itay Ohaly

bread crumb birdfeeder

*Cutting Board Bird Feeder

I am told that this is neither healthy for birds or green.  It makes me smile nonetheless.


*Rosalia Banet [via WMMNA]

baby sale

*Designer Babies

The way I see it there are already tons of kids burdened with totally inadequate parenting — add this to the list of things that can be manually screwed up and toyed with.  As an addendum, if doctors start pumping out celebrity baby lookalikes we’re all doomed (this world is terrifying enough with one baby Suri, it doesn’t need any more).

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