Fighting Tough Times in the Rustbelt: Bubbles

A couple months ago I went into Lansing and noticed how much bleaker everything was.  Now, don’t get me wrong Michiganders are a hearty breed and can find beauty and happiness in nearly anything (and I mean anything), but with cold weather and Christmas looming, things seemed a bit heavier than usual.  So, a friend and I rounded up two armfuls of bubbles and headed downtown, intent on sharing them.  With the exception of two senior citizens who reacted to us as if we had been offering them crack cocaine, everyone we met seemed elated for the distraction.  A week or so later I headed downtown Cleveland with more bubbles in hand.  Reactions in Ohio were similarly glowing.

The video above is a combo of these two trips plus a little bit of post production.
Song featured is “Choir from ‘The Sun'” by Mirah and the Microphones.

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