Invasion of Squish: Marshmallow Peeps

Marshmallow PeepsMarshmallow peeps are one of those weird cultural icons that intersect in the arena of nostalgic food and kitsch.  As such, I’ve always been a huge fan.  Over the span of my life I’ve rabidly choked down dozens of their sugar and carnauba wax covered bodies.  Maybe hundreds is more accurate.  Regardless, my love for these little guys betrays my inner man child time and again.  For those of you who love them with a similar fervor, here are a few peep related blips.  God I love junk food subculture.

How Peeps are made:

A photo essay on Peeps manufacturing.  Thankfully Mark Summers is nowhere to be found.

Annie’s Peeps FAQ:

It cracks me up that so many junk foods have such obsessive followings.  Not that I haven’t found myself wrapped up in them (I spent months on an epic search to buy my own icee machine), but I’m always amused when I find people speaking of junk food in the same vernacular and with the same detail as wine snobs and foodies.

“How do you store Peeps so they will keep through the off-season?

I’ve found that sealing unopened boxes of Peeps in ziplock bags and storing them at room temperature will keep them fresh, without getting too ripe, from one Peep season to the next. Some prefer to refrigerate or even freeze them.”

“What’s this about Peeps needing to ‘age’ or ‘ripen’ ?

Many Peepophiles prefer a certain degree of staleness to their Peeps, ranging from a slight stiffness, to downright hard and crunchy. This is somewhat of an acquired taste. This is normally accomplished either by letting them age naturally, or else leaving them exposed to air.”

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