Link Purge: Swine Flu Edition


^ “Vending Machine” by Ellie Harrison [via Make]

*Energy drinks continue to blow my mind.  For instance there’s the terrifying addition of Spot On energy patches to the already uncomfortable canon of caffeine and taurine.

*”How come nobody does anything anymore, but there’s more energy drinks than ever?”  [via This isn’t happiness] 

^ “The Flytrap/Hull Loss” by Nova Jiang [via WMMNA]

 *“There are numerous reasons why I’m now certain that Clevelanders in general suffer from a loser’s mentality. They live in city that went from over one-million people in 1950 to less than 400,000 half-a-century later, send their kids to the nation’s poorest schools, still absorb cheap shots and bullying from other cities that were never nicknamed ‘The Mistake by the Lake,’ and are still reminded on a seemingly daily basis that the Cuyahoga River was so polluted during the city’s steel heyday that it actually caught on fire. In New York, whenever I tell a stranger that I grew up in Cleveland, that person usually gets a sympathetic look on his or her face and shrugs as if to offer condolences. And this reaction isn’t just particular to New York, as I’ve received it throughout the country, in places as varied as Los Angeles, Washington DC, Omaha, Provo, and even Flint, Michigan. This seemingly nationwide negative perception has visibly worn down my hometown and resigned its dwellers to believing that it actually is as dreary as the rest of the country perceives it to be. But instead of rallying, instead of fixing its perilous school system or bringing jobs back within the city limits, the masses seem to hide, only coming out for one reason – to root for its sports teams.”


*”Denim is the infantile uniform of a nation in which entertainment frequently features childlike adults (“Seinfeld,” “Two and a Half Men”) and cartoons for adults (“King of the Hill”). Seventy-five percent of American “gamers” — people who play video games — are older than 18 and nevertheless are allowed to vote. In their undifferentiated dress, children and their childish parents become undifferentiated audiences for juvenilized movies (the six — so far — “Batman” adventures and “Indiana Jones and the Credit-Default Swaps,” coming soon to a cineplex near you). ”

Seriously? My friend Drew put it very succintly, “I think George Will is the least fun person ever.”  

George F. Will on the ills of denim

*Two Cairene news flashes: Using the swine flu to wage economic war against Egyptian minorities and oriental views of traffic problems.

“Life in Cairo is a do or die race, in which you trample or are trampled. The traffic here is so bad those of a faint disposition will not long survive the daily commute.

The struggle with overcrowded roads is complicated by a lack of any respect for traffic lights or policemen. There is no semblance of lane discipline.”

I love this writer’s views.  Of all the social ills he points out (aging cars, crowded traffic, etc.) it seems he alleges that their root is the average citizen.  I’m pretty sure that anyone else who has actually ridden through downtown Cairo would realize that it is a much more complicated problem which extends itself to all parts of Cairene life (for example the bureaucracy alone that one must wade through to renew a license is overhwleming).   Also, after getting used to driving in Egypt, you’d be surprised at how safe you’ll learn to feel — though whether or not this is statistically true is certainly questionable.

***Also…  the following points have been found in the oldest depths of my potential post reserves…

Baker Tweet

^ Baker Tweet:  “[A] wiFi-enabled, Arduino-based prototype that one mounts on the wall of their bakery. Items are added or removed via web interface, which you can later select by simply spinning the dial. When the sweets come out of the oven, press the button to Tweet your eager customers and await the stampede. The prototype unit is being used at Albion’s Oven in London.” [via Engadget]

*Two Treehugger blips: Considering the death of a shopping mall and the feasibility of bus rapid transit

*On (the incredibly interesting and telling) governmental attention to diction “US drops ‘enemy combatant’ term” and “war on terror phrase.”

*Why Evan Roth (of GRL fame) turned down his gig at SXSW:

“1. Event organizers: If you respect the artists you are inviting, then pay them. You can’t buy bananas with publicity, so don’t try to pedal this as a form of currency (especially since the artists are also bringing you publicity). If you can’t afford to pay artists, then you don’t have enough funding to host the event.
2. Artists: Airfare, hotel, and publicity are not payment for your time. If corporately sponsored events can’t pay artist fess then tell them ‘no’. By accepting gigs like this, we are just as guilty as they are for perpetuating a system that ensures we stay eating Ramen Noodles until the day we die.

In summary: Event organizers, show some love to those you love. Artists, god gave you middle fingers for a reason, don’t be afraid to use them.”

^ Department of Eagles’ “No One Does It Like You.”  Music video collabo by Marcel Dzama x The Directors Bureau [via Cool Hunting]

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