The Impossible Decision: Last Suppers

“Last Supper” by James Reynolds. Hypothetically, I think my own would be a recreation of my family’s Good Friday feast: tuna salad, egg salad, eggplant parm, a cheese tray, elephant ears, and my grandma’s handmade “smashed” bread. Then again, a meal from Komi might just be the answer. Or Citronelle.  Or Wings Over East Lansing.  It’s […]

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Root Beer: Suds and Love

Over at Bon Appetit is a smallish roundup of their favorite root beer.  I’ve tried a ton, i mean A TON, of different brews over the course of my life, but was pleasantly surprised to see that their list had a few I’ve never come across.  My own list would include Sprecher (side note: their cream […]

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