Harnessing the Power of 1000 Nosy Grandmas: Internet Eyes

Internet Eyes

I’m pretty sure I’m becoming numb to the advent of Orwellian predictions.  It seems like every time I blow through my RSS feeds I find at least one more scheme, device, or plot to add more little blinking lights to our growing surveillance society.  Today’s example: Internet Eyes.  Perfect for obsessive shut-ins and nosy neighbors everywhere, this “game” rewards users points for real-time surveillance and notification.  Score the most points per month and £1,000 is yours. Rent-a-cops, looks like you should enjoy those donuts while you’re still employed.

The excerpt from Internet Eyes’ FAQ below explains a few more details — my favorite part: they are already expecting users with multiple computer setups.  [Related Spicy post: Patriot Games]

From Internet Eyes’ FAQ:

How am I rewarded money?

Internet Eyes rewards the highest league table viewer £1,000 GBP every month. We are hoping to expand on this as we go rewarding more and more people reporting crimes. Each user is given points based on their report from the owner of the camera.

How does the feedback system work?

Owners of the camera you reported on will rate your alert:
Negative = you alerted maliciously   -1 points
Neutral = you acted in good faith but it wasn’t a crime = 1 point
Positive = You saw a crime being committed and helped the owner of the camera by notifying them.  = 3 points

How many cameras can I see?

Each viewer will see 4 cameras on their web page. Below each camera will be a report button. This is what you click if you see a crime.

How does the camera system/viewing work?

There are 4 cameras. The locations of the cameras are not disclosed. Every 20 minutes a new set of 4 cameras will be shown randomly, so If you have 2 computers setup you’ll probably be looking at 8 different cameras.

What if I see a crime?

Press your report button below the camera. This will alert the camera owner.

How long do I need to watch?

As much or as little as you want 24hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year.

Will this cost me any money?

Internet Eyes allocates 3 alerts per user per month. If you exceed that limit within that month you can purchase more at £1 each using your PayPal details.

How many times can I alert?

You can alert up to 3 times in a month, unless you have purchased more. As soon as you alert you’ll be re-directed to new cameras. We believe these control measures will allow responsible use of our system.

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