So Much for Neutrality: Zurich vs. Minarets

Zurich Anti-Minaret Poster

This poster is part of a Swiss People’s Party (SVP) campaign to ban the building of minarets in Zurich. It would be one thing if they were arguing by contrasting minarets and traditional architecture, but the the foreboding shadows, burqa, and missile-like minarets clearly imply a connection between Islam and terrorism.  I am still waiting for the day when the two will stop being equated as one and the same.

[via BBC News]

4 thoughts on “So Much for Neutrality: Zurich vs. Minarets

  1. Just to play devil’s advocate…can we say that there’s a connection between Islam and terrorism without saying that they are one and the same? Or is there some sort of mutual exclusivity there?

  2. I was speaking in more general terms because it has already been widely established that at least in some cases they are not mutually exclusive. I’m also speaking to terrorism being chiefly equated with Islam, instead of acknowledging that it can come from a variety of fringe groups/beliefs.

  3. Truth! And of course I’m not here to defend Austrian neo-fascists. Like the blog, yo!

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