The World’s Most Reliable News Source: Archived Weekly World News

Weekly World News

[image via Fishbowl NY]

I was absolutely devastated in 2007 when I found out that Weekly World News was closing up shop. Though it’s not quite the same, there is a bit of respite to be found in the fact that archives can now be found online.

Also, despite the fact that the periodical is no longer in publication, the WWN website is still maintained.  Here is a recent headline that made me cackle:

Bat Boy for Nobel Prize

Bat Boy For Nobel Peace Prize: […] “Many speculate that Bat Boy felt slighted by the Norwegian Nobel Committee’s choice of Obama for the prize as they overlooked the groundbreaking global work that Bat Boy has done to stem the tide of a viral pandemic that is wiping out bat species around the planet.” […]

In other semi-related, but actually true Halloween news, it has been found “that there has never been a single substantiated incident of a kid being sickened, hurt or killed by doctored candy handed out during trick-or-treating in the history of America.”  Though I am overwhelmingly happy about this, I do wonder if they ignored the angst and psychological trauma caused by repeat raisin and pencil eraser distributors.

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