Fictional Suburbia: Ross Racine

Ross Racine creates aerial views of faux-sprawl.  His works highlight the incredible beauty, mundanity, order (of a sort) and absurdity of American suburbs. Someone should really start marketing cloud-shaped developments.  I can think of a few gated communities from my hometown alone, that would have the gall to construct that kind of awkward utopia. [via […]

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Ephemeral Graffiti: NosE x Snow

This surprise recently landed in my inbox care of street artist, NosE.  “Snow Graffiti” is beautifully minimal and cleanly executed.  Specifically, the final wide angle shot — that type and the stacked edges of the balconies — it kills me every time. [previously on Spicy: Snow Graffiti: Protest with Kool-Aid]

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Urban Drips: Ice House Detroit

Add this to the list of why I find Detroit (and more importantly Detroiters) so inspiring: “Ice House Detroit is an architectural installation and social change project currently taking place in Detroit. Photographer Gregory Holm and architect Matthew Radune will use one of 20,000 abandoned houses and freeze it in solid ice, referencing the contemporary […]

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