Spicy Linkfest: Miniature Presidents Edition

* Odessa to the Future on community and crowdsourcing abundance

*Altruistic ants: Infected Temnothorax unifasciatus ants abandon their community, imposing self-exile in order to protect their colony

*Urban Omnibus explores methods for reforesting cities (pictured above)

*Quick rant: The US Mint is updating the penny. Why?! The miniature Lincoln in his miniature memorial was the absolute highlight of American currency.

*Architects at Diller + Scofidio map the chaos of dining

*HP goes big with CeNSE, a billion sensor Central Nervous System for the Earth

*The increasingly pervasive use of the green screen: so much for shooting on location.

*3D printing takes on ceramics

*BLDGBLOG and Atlas Obscura explore the geoglyphs of an abandoned burbclave-cum-ghost town

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