Couch Cushion Architecture, A Critical Analysis

Some people take themselves too damn seriously, which is why this playful analysis is refreshingly different. Mini sofa Calatrava’s are judged for their inspired use of cushions, afghans, and coffee tables. Build LLC explains in more detail: “Unrepresented and ignored for too long in the architectural industry, today’s post pays respect to the wonders of couch cushion architecture. We’ve rounded up a (mostly) admirable collection of projects, taken from a randomly conducted search on the internet. Join us as we take a critical analysis of the architecture, methods and design philosophies of living room furniture re-appropriation.”

“A clear derivative of the Miesian box, this handsome project is “informalized” with the use of colorful, freeform roof panels. Taking further direction from the Archigram movement, the project explores architecture as body wrap and propels couch cushion architecture to new and exciting territory. Grade: A”

“Good God gentlemen, you’re a mess! You need walls, you need a roof. Get to work man! Grade: F”

[via Swissmiss]

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