The Realization of an American ‘Ethnic’ Food Section

Fellow PSFK contributor Simone Haruko Smith made an incredible find at an Alexanderplatz, Berlin grocery store: the USA section.  It includes, in true Yankee fashion, everything from Betty Crocker to cheese-whiz.  Although, in my opinion, the Germans left out (for better or for worse) a few notable pieces of Americana: Aunt Jemima, velveeta, fun-yuns, oatmeal cream pies, and general industrial-sized packaging.  Overall the standout detail is in the barbecue sauce which only features whiskey/molasses hybrids.  The subtle implication exists that, here in the US of A, we love corn liquor and smoked meat so fervently they’ve been combined into one gluttonous mega-bbq hoe-down. It’s too amazing to even comprehend.

[via @kylecameron]

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