Anachronistic Breakfast Cereal Nostalgia

I love Halloween.

It’s an unholy confluence of basically everything I hold dear in life: food, ridiculousness, creativity, and monster cereal. Of course the night itself is magical, but the assured stockpile of sickly blue Boo Berry at my grocer is reason enough to celebrate.

Unfortunately an artificial free for all is limited (mostly) to October.

In the off season I’ll occasionally get hit with a Chocula, Frank, or Boo craving. Maybe three times a year I nervously debate about ordering an entire palette from Amazon and whether or not that would be a healthy decision.  Then, inevitably, I pacify myself by diving into wikipedia’s monster cereal/cereal pages, waxing about other gloriously processed breakfasts that I, sadly, never had the chance to taste. Fruit Brute, Yummy Mummy, and Dunkin’ Donuts Cereal all give me that tiny pang of remorse I get from current, but elusive cereals.  Its an odd feeling, waiting for an October that’s never going to come.

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