Dusting Off

Good afternoon Spicy readers! As we’ve undergone a site transition, new year, and general reinvigoration, the catacombs have been cleared out to make way for new goodness. What follows will be the first of a large number of posts, highlighting things collected, but never-before-shared. Enjoy. A miniature Canal Street subway cross-section by Alan Wolfson. I […]

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Guy Tillim x Jo’Burg

[Al’s Tower, a block of flats on Harrow Road, Berea, overlooking the Ponte building, from the “Jo’Burg” series, 2004] Guy Tillim’s quiet photo documentary of Hillbrow, South Africa manages to clearly and thoughtfully describe post-apartheid life, without posturing or explicitly capturing individual suffering. His photos really are quite remarkable. “Though Guy Tillim is often considered […]

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Fictional Suburbia: Ross Racine

Ross Racine creates aerial views of faux-sprawl.  His works highlight the incredible beauty, mundanity, order (of a sort) and absurdity of American suburbs. Someone should really start marketing cloud-shaped developments.  I can think of a few gated communities from my hometown alone, that would have the gall to construct that kind of awkward utopia. [via […]

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Ephemeral Graffiti: NosE x Snow

This surprise recently landed in my inbox care of street artist, NosE.  “Snow Graffiti” is beautifully minimal and cleanly executed.  Specifically, the final wide angle shot — that type and the stacked edges of the balconies — it kills me every time. [previously on Spicy: Snow Graffiti: Protest with Kool-Aid]

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