Fictional Suburbia: Ross Racine

Ross Racine creates aerial views of faux-sprawl.  His works highlight the incredible beauty, mundanity, order (of a sort) and absurdity of American suburbs. Someone should really start marketing cloud-shaped developments.  I can think of a few gated communities from my hometown alone, that would have the gall to construct that kind of awkward utopia. [via […]

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Boom-Shaka-Laka and Other Noteworthy Blips

*Entrancing, ambient art piece detailing artificial reef construction in Thailand: Leviathan by Richard Mosse [BLDGBLOG] *Italy plans to open a transgender prison *Alain de Botton talks about art and the (infrequent) representation of contemporary workplaces *The Scottish potato trail: Veggie Tourism *Self-rolling snowballs apparently do exist in nature [WMMNA] *Inspired by salad dressing: self-assembling solar cells *Despite the fact […]

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